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The Power of Detachment

"Negotiations are won by whoever cares less." - Naval Ravikant
The Power of Detachment

This is it.

I've got all my eggs in one basket.

No plan B. No parachute.

If this fails, I'm done.

Does this sound like a predicament anyone wants to be in?

Time and money are the poker chips in which we gamble with everyday, so there's always inherent risk in setting a goal.

But tethering yourself to expectations is just silly.

I don't want to share my idea because I'm afraid someone will steal it.

I don't want to post this blog because I need more subscribers first.

We can't launch our product or business yet because it has to do well.

This is all ego talking.

And if you listen to that voice, it'll be difficult to get anything done because you'll be attached to the results you made up in your head.

These fears thrive in a scarcity mindset and in order to disarm them, you'll need to adopt one of abundance.

I'm going to share this idea because I have so many and who knows, maybe someone will help make it happen.

This blog is getting posted today because it's ready and I want to start working on another.

We're going to begin talking to potential customers because they'll tell us the things we need to change.

The truth is, you have endless tries and infinite time to figure it out.

This doesn't mean you should procrastinate on doing the work but you don't have invest so much energy convincing yourself of delusional outcomes.

Ground yourself in the project, not the reception of it.

Remember, you're in the efforts department, not the results division.

Relax, take a breath, have fun with what you're creating and don't worry about what comes of it.

There is always next time.