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Take the Pebble Out of Your Shoe

Let's do something about the things we can control.
Take the Pebble Out of Your Shoe

You're on a beautiful hike with friends when you notice some discomfort at your feet.

A tiny pebble has lodged in your shoe.

You don't want to hold everyone else up so you ignore it and keep walking.

A mile later and it's really starting to hurt but you think: oh well, we're almost done anyways.

By the end of the hike, it's no longer mere discomfort; you're in real pain now.

And just like that, a nonproblem is now a problem.

Every day different pebbles are getting stuck in our shoes; often in the shape of:

  • That thing you know you need to get done, but keep putting off.
  • A process at work that can be improved but you haven't said anything yet.
  • Some resistance toward amending a friendship or relationship.

Removing that pebble benefits everyone around you.

Your friends don't have to hear you moan about your foot hurting.

Your co-workers don't have to suffer the problem you've already solved.

And your friends and partners don't have to wonder how you're feeling.

Enjoy the hike, don't just endure it.