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Crafting The Perfect Idea

The perfect idea is out there, you just have to be willing to put in the work.
Crafting The Perfect Idea

There was once a pottery teacher who instructed one half of her class to focus on making a perfect pot and the other half to make as many as possible.

The first half struggled with the pressure of birthing a flawless product on their initial attempt. Their palms and brows beading with sweat as they tried to execute the impossible.

The second half swan-dived into the process, making as many pots as possible. There was no anxiety about how they would turn out because they knew they had endless tries.

Whose pots do you think turned out better?

If you guessed the second group, you'd be correct.

Ideas are the same way.

In order to get to the perfect one, you have to be willing to drudge through the just okay ones.

Jot them all down, mold as many possible and eventually, the perfect one will arrive.