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Solving for Team Deficiencies

Solving for Team Deficiencies

It's one of the first days of summer.

You step outside and feel the warmth of the sun run across your face.

It's glorious.

You wish you could bask in this moment forever.  

But when you've been at the beach for a week and are more red than a lobster, the sun doesn't feel nearly as good.

In fact, it's actually painful.

This is because you've got plenty of fresh vitamin D in your system and don't need anymore.

Teams are the same way.

Your team may be really good at internal collaboration but maybe not so good at maintaining a line of communication with clients.

Sufficient in one area and deficient in another.

And as soon as you get a taste of what a healthy process feels like, you're hooked.

You mean to tell me we've been missing out on this feeling the whole time?

Start with your deficiencies to figure out what you need to allocate resources towards.

Maybe that's sales people and software.

Maybe that's data people and analytics.

Whatever it is, solve for that, and notice the difference.

This is how we help ordinary people develop extraordinary processes.