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The Frequency x Intensity Dilemma

The Frequency x Intensity Dilemma

You bring in a consultant because your company has problems, big ones.

"I'm going to need to talk to some of your employees in order to figure out which of these problems we should solve first."

Ten employees enter the room.

"If you think ________ is a problem, raise your hand."

Six employees raise their hands.

The consultant takes note.

"Okay, if you think _______ is a bigger problem, raise your hand."

The four other employees raise their hands.

The consultant pauses and exhales one of those oh boy, here we go breaths and then makes another note.

If he tackles the first problem because it impacts more people then he runs the risk of delaying the absolution of the bigger, more pressing issue.

And out of this struggle, the infamous frequency versus intensity dilemma is born.

The truth is both problems are important to solve.

And only through investigation and assessment will the answer begin to crystalize.

Perhaps the problems are linked and by solving one, you halfway solve the other.

Or maybe the first one isn't even really the problem but a result of another unresolved issue.

This is the calling of a consultant, to solve these obstacles in the order that has the most positive impact.  

This is how you help ordinary people solve extraordinary problems.