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Practicing Pragmatic Innovation

Practicing Pragmatic Innovation

Innovative pursuit isn't a hail mary down field.

It's little passes and first downs that lead to a score.

Unfortunately innovation is a buzzword often associated with grand, game-changing ideas.

But the key to true innovation is found in the small, everyday observations and improvements we make.

Pragmatic innovation is about being consistent in our approach to finding and implementing new concepts.

It's about looking for opportunities to improve and evolve, rather than waiting for the next big thing to come along.

By focusing on innovating each day, we can be better positioned to understand and meet the needs of the future.

But simply having a focus on innovation is not enough.

In order to truly benefit from pragmatic innovation, it's important to have systems and tools in place that support and standardize the process.

Many companies and founders lack this sort of daily innovation routine, which can leave them behind the curve when technology surpasses expectations.

Innovation is not a game of chance, but one of consistency.

Those who focus on innovating each day will be the ones prized with discovering what the future needs.

By being pragmatic and implementing systems that support a consistent approach to innovation, we can be better equipped to drive progress and stay ahead of the curve.