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Avoid Building Something Nobody Wants

Avoid Building Something Nobody Wants

It's tempting to get caught up in the excitement of building a new product.

It's like the honeymoon phase in the relationship; the possibilities are endless and the love is fresh as spring water.

And all you want to do is put your nose down and start building or hiring people to build it.

But it's important to remember that even the most innovative technology won't be a success if nobody wants it — making it critical to scope and validate your idea before you build.

a product launch dashboard

With Amble, you can decide on things like distribution channels, target market, user personas, features and much more before you ever spend a penny on development.

This allows you to focus on the core elements of your product: what it solves, for who, and how you're going to reach them.

Leveraging Amble's knowledge blocks ensures your product is solving a real problem for a specific group of people, and you have a plan in place for selling to them.

Avoid the mistake that many first-time founders make of building something that nobody wants.

Check out our public instance to start scoping and validating today: https://www.ambleideation.com/makers

This is how we help ordinary people build extraordinary things.