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Information vs. Knowledge

Information vs. Knowledge

"Information isn't knowledge until it's shared and understood."  

But what about using that knowledge?

Isn't putting it into action just as important as understanding it?

Maybe the quote should read:

"Information isn't knowledge until it's shared, understood, and useful."

We live in the information age: a buffet we didn't ask for but can't stop devouring.

So for a company to thrive in today's market, it needs systems in place for transforming chunky information blocks into diced, concise bits of knowledge.

What's required is an information kitchen that can marinate, cook, and construct the raw ingredients into something delicious and financially edible.

Most businesses don't struggle to organize their information; they have tools and processes in place for that.

But organizing information doesn't transform it into knowledge.

So what does?


Context is what's needed to make information useful.

After spending years using software products that organized our information but didn't turn it into knowledge, we decided to build something that would.

With Amble, we can see clearly how different bits of information are connected which provides context and thus knowledge on how to use them.

Information + Context = Knowledge; this is the winning formula for the information age.

Don't stress too much with organization; it ultimately comes second to context.

This is how we help ordinary people do extraordinary work.