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Hello Boomscrolling & Goodbye Doomscrolling

Hello Boomscrolling & Goodbye Doomscrolling

Our team hunts like lions instead of grazing like cows — meaning we create in short, energetic spurts and then rest rather than nibbling all day.

But we don't just do nothing when we rest.

We're still ideating, still brainstorming, still exploring new trends and features.

And until recently — we lacked a structured way of doing so.

#techtwitter is a stellar resource but it can get toxic very quickly. And LinkedIn is hit or miss when it comes to worthwhile content.

We wanted a social media focused on scoping products and building the future.

But what's the point of knowing a bunch of stuff if you can't use it?

The majority of new input information should be applicable — if not now then in the future.

And so we tried creating Slack channels, Typeform questionnaires, and ongoing Notion docs with the goal of scoping product ideas but nothing sufficed.

The problem being there's no true way to build out an idea using these platforms. You can capture and share it but you can't expand upon or connect it to previous ones.

So that's why we created Amble: a shared space where we could collect, connect, and create. A place where nothing is ever lost and the intelligence in charge gets smarter the more you use it.

It's effectively become our social media of choice. And our company brain.  

As you can tell, we've been busy ideating on the best ways to visually market Amble.

The trends I know, the team knows. The client solutions the team knows, I know.

It's a place where the best ideas always earn attention and support.

And everything can be reused, repurposed, and recycled.  

Connections are the building blocks of innovation. It's time there was a tool designed for constructing them.

This is how we help ordinary people scope extraordinary products.