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The Joys of Building

The Joys of Building

Something stirred inside.

Dopamine flooded my network.

I couldn't sleep; I was onto something.

In the quiet hours of the night I etched away at a home page; customizing the colors, fonts, adding a background, sections — all the things I envisioned a user seeing upon first glance.

It was in this moment I first realized the joys of building — a rush I've been chasing ever since.

"You built that?" asked my college roommate.

(I couldn't resist showing him the next morning.)

It wasn't much but it was enough to become hooked; just a simple website for one of my app ideas.

"You've been talking about this for a while now, it's cool to finally see it come to life," he said.

Campus Cater Coming Soon loomed in big, bold font at the top of the digital space.

It's one thing to have ideas but it's another to take action on them.

Much of our resistance comes from the notion that if we start we have to finish or if we take any action at all we must see it through.

But this isn't true; not with business ideas at least.

Plus, it's strategically bankrupt to think this way.

Built is not synonymous with completed.

In the development of any product there's an MVP stage, a V1, a V2, alpha, beta etc..

What's needed for building is a starting point.

I have an idea, now what do I do?

Luckily with Amble, we never have to ask this question.

With the custom templates, we know exactly how to get started.

This allows us to immediately take action on our ideas and focus on the answers not the questions.

There's no need to wait, talk about it, sleep on it or throw it in an excel sheet or slack channel to never be seen again; instead, we can do something as soon as the thought enters our brains.

The widgets are already there, they just need populating  — empowering us to start building right away with confidence and ease.

And the joys of building is what will keep us coming back so building needs to be enjoyable.

No resistance, no commitment; just the ideas and the many & mini-trips they take you on.

This is how we help ordinary people build extraordinary products.