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The Consultant's Toolkit

The Consultant's Toolkit

Digital transformation is the project and Amble is your toolkit.

Finally, a solution built for consultants that's made by consultants.

We've spent years working closely with other technology experts to develop the most tailored, effective, and powerful consulting software on the market.

There is absolutely nothing comparable when it comes to product.

If you're a consultant with client projects — you need to try Amble. Here's why:

Macro Trends Filtered on Feed Page

Trends are your trustee hammer and screwdriver —  you never show up to a job without them.

Understanding the way specific solutions impact an industry or client is often times the difference between success and failure.

To help further this understanding — we've curated a set of features that empower you and your clients to do just that.

Stay ahead of the digital curve.

Don't leave your clients stranded behind in the analog age.

Pain Points on Feed Page w/ Filter Side Bar Expanded

Pain Points are the pieces of 2 by 4 wood in which the projects' foundations are supported.

Essentially all great innovations originate out of solving a problem.

So if you need a starting place for technology opportunity — begin with dissecting pain points.

To make gathering pain points not a pain — Amble allows your clients to effortlessly capture and clarify areas where they're struggling.

Good consultants solve problems. Great consultants create breakthroughs.

Goals are your nails and screws.

Knowing where to strategically place them is your job as the builder.

Without clear and implementable goals — the project collapses.

Amble helps you keep track of your clients' goals so you both are aware of what you're building.

Strategize, plan, and execute — present your client's with a blueprint today.

You. Success starts with you, the consultant.

Your clients trust you to support them in their digital transformation efforts.

Amble is the toolkit that keeps you prepared and making progress.

Once you start using it, you'll ask the same question we did during development: how is this not already out there?

If you're ready to take your consulting business to the next level, let's set up a demo today.