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Structure to Scale

Structure to Scale

It's time to start a new project.

"Hey, do you know where that PowerPoint is we made for *client name*?

"Not sure, why?"

"I think a lot of it is probably relevant for *new client name*.

"Oh, yeah, I have no clue where that would be."

It's time to send over a statement of work.

"This is by far the most frustrating part of my job."

"Same, documentation is the worst."

"Yeah, and it's the same deliverables almost every time, why do we have to keep rewriting these things?"

"I don't know; probably because we can never find the old ones and extracting deliverables from a PDF sucks."

It's time to scope a new product.

"Okay, so what information do we need to fill out?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like user personas, target market, unique selling prop, features...all that type of stuff."

"Ah, yeah, do we have a template or something for this?"

"Maybe in Miro, but then we'll have to move everything over to Jira anyways so might as well just try to do it in there."

It's time to create a marketing strategy.

"We had so many good ideas for this a few months ago when it was first announced, what happened to all of those?"

"I think they're probably in that google doc we made for this."

"Yeah almost not worth digging through that again; let's just send out a slack message and have the team reach out to the stakeholders."

It's time to conduct a client workshop.

"Do you feel like these are even that effective?"

"Not really; the trends, pain points, and goals we bring up feel too vague."

"Yeah, we need to understand use cases in order to actually help them."

If you've had or heard any of these conversations then you may need to implement a structure to scale.

A structure to scale is a system that leverages past efforts to optimize new work.

Although the inefficiencies may seem marginal and minuscule they add up.  

And you may be thinking: yeah, we just don't have the time to tackle all of these.

But the truth is they're all symptoms of lacking scalable structure; fix that and you fix them all.

Organizations centered around growth know this, and are scalable from the jump so there's no holes in the ship when new clients and employees come aboard.

A structure to scale ensures your processes are repeatable, effective and most importantly — scalable.

Reach out for a demo today and we'll show you how our tool can help you save time, money and resources.

This is how we help ordinary companies scale in extraordinary ways.