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Solving Misalignment Across Plants & Sites

Site and plant misalignment is a treatable problem, but organizations often fail in taking action until it's too late.
Solving Misalignment Across Plants & Sites

Digital transformation can be challenging; and without a stellar game plan, your company is unlikely to succeed in its efforts.

In order to develop that game plan, you first need to take inventory of the issues holding you back.

In our experience working as petrochemical tech consultants, operational misalignment seems to be a common headliner in that list.

Site and plant misalignment is a treatable problem, but organizations often fail in taking action until it's too late.

Miscommunication, scattered data, and too much software will continue to plague production unless something is done about it.

Listed below are three facets of the problem we aim to solve using Amble:

1.) First and foremost, misalignment creates division between sites and plants, often splitting them to act as their own "mini-companies" instead of a cog in a larger machine. The end result is varying initiatives, projects, and goals in which the other side is completely oblivious.

2.) This leads us to the second issue of misalignment: sites are not aware of the digital initiatives happening at other sites. One site could spend a healthy chunk of their budget on building a solution that another site has already built. This in turn leads to overspending and the misallocation of resources.

3.) Thirdly, because sites are not in active contact with one another, they are unaware of the various software products that are being used. This means two different sites who need to combine or compare large amounts of data, will have a hell of a time doing so if they're using two different pieces of software.

So we've solved all three of these problems using Amble.

Here's how:

Amble allows you to be apart of several different teams.

These teams can be different sites and plants with their own digital initiatives.

This allows you to keep up with all the current projects going on whether you are actively on site or not.

You can view specifics such as who the team lead is, who the other members are, and which trends, solutions, ideas, and problems they're currently working on.


On the left side of the screen, we have a team workspaces that houses all of the ongoing initiatives the team is tackling.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see all of the custom templates we created to help our team and others stay up to date on relevant information.

In a later blog, we'll dive into how our custom dashboards work.


Lastly, our comments section allows employees to clarify any questions regarding different software products they are using, apps they are building, and overall goals.

Company alignment is a great indicator of operational effectiveness.

Amble can help ensure your teams stay on the same page.

Let's set-up a demo today and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.