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Letting Go of Blockages

Letting Go of Blockages

I'm gonna' challenge you to do something you probably aren't used to doing.

As soon as you feel resistance or disturbance, I want you to let it go.

Don't mess with it, explore it, or think about it.

Simply let it go.

When you sit down to do work and you feel that initial pull to pick up your phone or get another cup of coffee, let it go.

When you hesitate to publish content and your mind tells you there's a few typos you probably missed, let it go.

When you get all anxious before that call or presentation, just notice it and then let it go.

If you find yourself offended by something someone says or reliving a past experience, let it go.

If the future creeps into mind and you start worrying about what form it will take, let it go.

What we usually do when distracting thoughts or feelings arise is the opposite of let it go.

We want to know where they came from, so we investigate.

When we feel a disturbance, we don't like it, so we push it away.

Essentially, we get involved.

This feeds it.

You are the one who notices, not the thing it noticed.

If you can come to understand this fact, you wont get so caught up in the blockages that prevent you from enjoying the work.

They're just passing by, it's nothing personal.

This is how we help ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things.