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Collect Connect Create Pt. 1

Collect Connect Create Pt. 1

hi, I’m mitch—a product marketer—and I use amble to:
collect web-design ideas, blog-worthy trends, & go-to-market material
connect my old ideas with my new ones and
create post-worthy content & badass strategies


As a writer and marketer — I'm constantly picking up new material.

Maybe it's a conversation I overheard at a coffee shop that sparks an idea.


A trend I come across on Twitter.

I really never know when inspiration will strike.

So it's important that I can quickly capture bits of data in the moment without too much structure but enough to find it later.

There's so much great free startup advice on the internet and I want to make sure I'm saving the relevant stuff while forgetting the forgettable stuff.

With Amble's quick capture feature, I can effortlessly grab URL's and pull in all their metadata or stream of consciousness my way into a new blog post.

An example of Amble's Quick Capture


My best work comes when I pair my old ideas with the new ones.

To do this, I need to have all of them at hand.

That way I can play with mixing and matching concepts.

This typically triggers a platypus of bizarre mashups that produce intriguing headlines and content.

The ability to see how my thoughts have changed about a subject over time provides the counterarguments needed for an intriguing think piece.

Thankfully, Amble makes it super easy to connect different concepts so I can focus on the content instead of finding where I wrote that one thing.

Connect anything and everything


Strategies need to be dynamic.

They're not a one and done deal.

As you implement one, you find out what's working and what's not.

With Amble, I can pull together all my ideas and have the team vote on which ones they think will work best.

This keeps the strategy evolving and never static — as it should be.

Collaborate on strategies in-app

This is how I use Amble but there are plenty of other use cases.

If your job requires you to collect, connect, or create — Amble may be able to help.

Reach out for a free demo today so we can explore opportunities together.

This is how we help ordinary people collect, connect, and create the extraordinary.