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Burn The Boats: A Strategy for Embracing New Technology

Burn The Boats: A Strategy for Embracing New Technology

Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, Hernán Cortés, and other influential leaders demanded their armies burn the boats as they advanced into new territory.

Being aware of the power in a no turning back point, they used this statement to solidify a willful leap into the future by their subordinates.

They knew those who were hesitant to eliminate a flight option would not thrive like the ones who were embracing the new.

Strong business leaders know this as well and leverage it to steer their team and company in the right direction.

The initial exploration is often catalyzed by struggles looming in the motherland such as dwindling resources or clients. Other times everything is tranquil but the visionaries know there's better out there and cannot ignore the call of innovation.

Many companies are exploring new technological territories while still docking their boats near shore just in case they decide to leave and return to the old way of doing things.

But in order to truly embrace all that the future has to offer ⁠— the match must be struck and the outdated processes set aflame.

We hear all too often about those who didn't adopt new tech soon enough and got swept away in the gusty winds of the analog age.

They were afraid to burn their boats and paid the ultimate price with their business.

As you sail the seas of innovation, be sure that you and your crew are ready to burn the boats the moment you find a place worth settling.

This is how we help ordinary people innovate in extraordinary ways.