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A World in Which Remote is Preferred

A World in Which Remote is Preferred

As the pandemic ripples into the history books and out of the news cycle, your boss sends out something that reads:

Dear all,

I hope you are well and safe.

We will begin transitioning back into the office next month.

Hybrid work will be considered upon request for certain roles.

Please reach out to management with any inquiries.


Boss Man or Woman

Now you had it pretty good during your work from home stint.

You were more productive, less stressed, and quality time with friends and family came with ease.

But now you're told to give all that up.

And why?

Because full-time remote just doesn't make sense yet.


Collaboration isn't natural in a remote setting.

But what if it was?

What if remote work was preferred by not just employees but employers as well?

What if problems that were prominent during in-person workshops like loudest voice in the room winning, status debates and other unproductive efforts were halted?

With the right tool, this is all possible.

In-office work is a thing of the past and those who try to hold on will lose workers.

At Sprinter, we started out 100 % remote and so when we built Amble, it made sense for the solution to reflect the way we work.

Already being proponents of things like anonymous feedback forms and blind Q&As, we were able to press together functional widgets that can be used in-app.

We rarely do things in-person, but when we do, we can tell the difference versus when we use Amble instead.

Limiting collaborative ideation and brainstorming to set periods of times just doesn't make sense.

It should be constant and natural.

Like a social media. But instead of doom scrolling, you're boom scrolling.

Keep dreaming because a world where remote is the norm is just around the corner, and we're here to help bring it along.

This is how we help ordinary people work anywhere.